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How to Get or Apply for Police Clearance

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Philippines – Police Clearance is a document or certificate issued to a certain applicant which checks his/her background records by the assign police in the City Municipality to determine if there’s any criminal record? Applicants with clear or no records will issue a Police Clearance Certificate as a certification of a good citizen while applicant with records will be denied of the application and even charge of criminal liability if proven guilty?

Before applying for Police Clearance, there are two requirements that must acquire firsts by the applicants in the Barangay where he/she lived before going to City Hall.

1. Barangay Clearance – is an early checking of applicant’s background records. Its certify the correct name, address, length of stay, date and place of birth, status, age and the purpose of applying Barangay Clearance? If all the details are correct applicant with no records will be successfully issuing a Barangay Clearance. The current cost for Barangay Clearance is only P20.00.

2. Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA) – CEDULA can be acquired either in the Barangay or in the City Hall in your area, just simply present your Barangay Clearance and payments amounting to P12.00 pesos only.

Steps for Applying Police Clearance:

1. Barangay Clearance and CEDULA
2. Get and Pay for Official Receipt (OR) at the City Hall. OR is amounting to P10.00 only.
3. After having OR go to the area where the Police Clearance Certificate is issuing at the City Hall.
4. Step 1 - Ask for application form, fill up all the details in all capital letters and must be clear.
5. Step 2 – submit the complete requirements together with the finished application form and pay         P160.00 as the service fee for Police Clearance.
6. Step 3 – wait for your numbers to be called for picture capturing.
7. Step 4 – and finally wait for your name to be called again for the issuing of Police Clearance Certificate.

Take Note: Check all the details if correct before leaving the Police Station. If any mistakes it will be corrected immediately.

Applicants applying for travel abroad must bring their valid NBI Clearance while applicants new in the area where he/she applying for Police Clearance must acquired first Police Clearance Certificate in their area.

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Correct attire when applying for Police Clearance.

1. Where presentable dress or t-shirt with collar.
2. Don’t wear shorts, wear pants.
3. Don’t use slippers, wear a shoes.
4. And don’t forget to bring all the requirements to avoid hassle of getting back at your Barangay.

How to Look For a Job in the Philippines

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Philippines – Here in the country looking for a job or getting a job is a very important thing that every adult Filipino must do in order to sustain or provide their needs or even provide their families need or people that rely on them. But the thing is looking for a job, especially locally is a very hard thing to do due to the volume of jobless Filipino citizen that at the same time are all looking for a job every day?

Yes, you may still find a job locally, but the question is, is that the right job for you? Sometimes job hunters who finished College with degree holder finds a job that mismatch what they finished which lead into unhappy work and eventually resign and then again look for another job that continue the cycle of job seekers every day.

And sometimes if job seekers cannot find the right job that suits for them locally, then the decision comes which lead them to find a decent job with higher salary abroad that will sustain their needs and their families in the country.

But before doing that there are several job opportunities in the web, all over the country that could possibly match the right job for you and will match the degree you finished. Just simply search the web and look for the list of websites that offering multiple jobs with job title as well.

Here is the list website that offers Jobs by Job Title or Position in the country:
Jobayan Philippines
Work in Philippines
Jobs in Philippines
Jobs for Filipinos in Philippines
And others.

These are some of the list of websites that, could help you find or look for a job which will eventually suit your taste before deciding to go abroad.

Aside from the list you can also visit PESO Job Fair at the nearest Municipality in your area and you can also visit the POEA website if you want to go abroad and check the available job offer abroad.

How did President Duterte and Senator Trillanes start their differences in Politics?

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Philippines – according to several reports in 2015 or 2016 just before the starts of the 2016 Election campaign, then and now Senator Antonio Trillanes IV came to a very popular candidate for the Presidency, then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City which at that time is a favorite candidate for becoming the next President of the Philippines. 

Senator Trillanes visits Mayor Duterte and wants to team up with Duterte to run as his Vice President, but Duterte decline Trillanes idea of becoming his running mate for 2016 National Elections and instead chooses Senator Alan Peter Cayetano to become his running mate.

Although Trillanes denied the accusation that he was neglected by Duterte and explain that how come he was neglected by Duterte? If Duterte himself had already announced that he was not running for President that time? But later on Mayor Duterte change his mind and run for the presidency and the rest is history.

Since then, Trillanes became the number 1 critics of Duterte before and after the 2016 National Elections and after 2 years in the office, President Duterte continue to receive an accusation to Senator Trillanes especially of the alleged wrongdoings in politics and how he handles the fight for Drugs and Human rights for drug pusher and user.

Just like Senator Laila de Lima and former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Senator Trillanes is also on the verge of losing his power after his amnesty was void by President Duterte. De Lima, Sereno and Triallanes are well known critics of Duterte. De Lima is already in Prison after controversial link in drugs while Sereno was removed as Chief Justice.

It’s just a matter of time for Senator Trillanes on how, when and where he will be arrested after his amnesty was voided by the President.

Meanwhile. Did President Duterte did the right moves of silencing his critics? Let’s wait and see these upcoming days on what will happen in this political drama in our country.

How to Apply For Internet Connection with PLDT Fibr

Philippines – Nowadays, the internet or the World Wide Web is an important part of people’s everyday life. Especially when it comes to the social media where almost the entire people in the world or otherwise known as “Netizens” visit their accounts to update their status check or chat with their friends and families and looking for what is viral on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platform. 

But how do you get internet? And how can it help you when you are planning to use it for business? To fully understand the benefits of the World Wide Web you must first apply for internet connection in any Internet Service Provider in the country.

PLDT or Smart and their rival Globe are the two gigantic service providers in the country that you can choose off to have your internet connection. Though until today, both their services are still considered as one of the slowest connections in the South East Asia, but still fined enough to use if you choose a much higher plan for their services.

For PLDT, I preferred PLDT Fibr, because for now it is the best plan for internet connection in the market. It’s stable, fast and especially no capped limit. You can download movies or games, watch streaming movies with unlimited time not worrying that you will exceed your monthly usage. The higher the plan you choose the higher the speed connection you have. Although the price is a little bit higher compare to cheaper plans, but still you can fully benefit on the services of higher plans

There are four plans to choose off with PLDT Fibr, Plan 1299 with an internet speed of 3mbps, Plan 1699 with an internet speed of 5mbps, Plan 2899 with an internet speed of 100 Mbps the fastest among the four and last but not the least my current Plan, Plan 1899 with an internet speed of 20 Mbps just perfect for my online business and just right for my children to enjoy watching YouTube through Smart TV.

Now, How to apply for internet connection with PLDT? Simply go to the nearest PLDT Branch in your area, bring any Valid ID for identification, proof of billings and of course money in case they required you to pay for initial payments for their services? These requirements are applicable for all PLDT Plans whether it’s Fiber/DSL or other internet connection with cap limits. 

You can also apply online at their website PLDT in case you have no time to visit their area.