What’s next for LeBron James after Losing another NBA Finals?

NBA – Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James has recently loss the 2018 NBA Finals over the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. 

James NBA Finals record has now dropped to 3 NBA Titles win and 6 NBA Finals loss which lead to another step down on his legacy as he chase the “Ghost” Michael Jordan for the “Greatest Player of All – Time”. 

Now that the NBA Finals are over and LeBron James career in Cleveland is uncertain what will be his next move on climbing back again in the “GOAT” conversation? Will he take his talent to another city as he chases for another NBA Title’s that will certainly compete against the super team and back to back NBA Champion Golden State Warriors? Well, many speculations or rumors that he will certainly leave Cleveland for the 2nd time around comes the 2018 Free Agency in July but still Cleveland are among in the list that James could possibly sign back?

According to many NBA sports analyst in the US that all agree upon that LeBron’s possible next NBA Teams that he might join next season are #1 the Houston Rockets? The Rockets lead the league in 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season for the best record and just fall short in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals of dethroning the NBA Champ “Warriors”. If LeBron James joins the Rockets will this make them the better team over the Warriors?

At #2, the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron in staying in Cleveland will be great for his own city and perhaps ending his career as a Cavaliers would be a much better career ending than chasing another ring for another city? Just surround him with teammates that could compete an NBA Title and hopefully wins a title as a Cavs?

At #3, the Los Angeles Lakers, there are rumors that LeBron James has just recently enrolled his eldest son LeBron James jr. in high school at Los Angeles? Is this the preparation that James could possibly sign up with the Lakers? James own a house in LA with multiple business around the area.

Also among on the list that James could possibly sign up are the Philadelphia 76ers, San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers or even the Celtics? Let’s wait and see on what the future lies ahead on LeBron James?