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3 Steps on how to Unlocked SSS Online Account

Philippines – Are you one of those people in the country who has an Online SSS Account that experience the same issue as I am after having multiple invalid log in attempts and suddenly your account was flagged of “Your Account is Locked”?

This could be very a annoying and hassle experience to us because we cannot be able to open our SSS account until we request for a reset.

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Here are three easy steps on how to reset the SSS Online Account:

1. Visit the nearest SSS Branch at your area and ask for the right person who handles the said issue. This process is quick and easy, just within a day your account is reset and you may now be able to gain access to your SSS Online Account. Just don’t forget to bring your SSS ID or UMID card for verification.

2. Send an email through or This process is suitable for SSS member that has no time of visiting SSS Branch also this process could take 3 – 4 working days before a response email from the SSS. As you request for the reset of your SSS Account don’t forget to include your Full Name, Date of Birth, SSS Number and attached scan copy of your SSS ID. Failed to do so may prolong the process of request.

3. Call on their SSS Hotline at (632) 920-6446 to 55 (available 24 hours from Monday to Friday except during holidays) and request for unlocking or resetting your account. Prepare your SSS number for verification. This process is also quick and easy and suitable for members that has no time to visit the SSS Branch.

These are just the 3 easy steps on how to unlock your account, just remember to be careful on how you type your username and password to avoid invalid attempts when logging your SSS Account but in case it happen again you now the procedures on how to reset it again.

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60 comments to ''3 Steps on how to Unlocked SSS Online Account "

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  2. Please find my sss number I'm forgot my sss number

    1. please send me my sss number nakalimutan ko po talaga im rolito oliveros pindo salamat po

    2. How to reset my locked sss accnt

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    1. Please send the user password &SSS password?

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  5. nkalimuta ko po yung user id ko please paki massege po skin pati po password salamat

    1. Nakalimotan ko user id ko sa SSS pa send Naman thanks

    2. Can I get my user id account

    3. naka limutan kopo user id ko tsaka password ko yung sa elmer solidor po paki send naman po

  6. No response at all thru email and call, as expected.

  7. ano po bang requirements para makuha ko yung sss ID ko?

    1. Qualified po ba ako sa ayuda sss po bakit po.

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  20. How can i claim my sbws on paymaya ?

  21. Pno po gagawin q ngsign up po kc q sa sss pra mgkaron ng user id at password pero ang reply po skin is nkregister n daw po ung account q ano po gagawin q d q po kc naaalala n ngsign up po aq before

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  25. bkit po wala naman ako narerecieve na email.,ngemail nman ako sa onlineserviceasdistsnce at member relation nagrerequest ako to reset my locked account

  26. how to reset my locked account

  27. Tagal na ako ngemail gang ngaun wala pa rin ako narerecieve

  28. Lock Ang account q panu ma open

  29. can u my sss account..ty

  30. my sss account is lock how can I unlock it

  31. Plz na locked po kasi sss account nang asawa ko paki email naman po papanu ma unlocked po plz need po namin makapag online laon paki email panu maunlocked po plz plz response

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