LeBron James Hits Game Winner in Game 3 Win Over Raptors

NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers host the Toronto Raptors in Game 3 of their best of seven conference semifinals of the 2018 NBA Playoffs at Quickens Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Cavs has a commanding 2 – 0 lead in the series after stealing 2 road games in Toronto and now has a great opportunity to push a 3 – 0 lead at home? 

Cavs the #4 seed stun and outplayed the #1 seed in their first two games, Cavs takes Game 1 in overtime 113 – 112, while Game 2 went to a blown out game dominated by the Cavs 128 – 110. Game 3, will be a pivotal game a win by the Cavaliers means the series are over, it’s just a matter of time on how it will end? It’s either by a sweep or ends in Game 5? While the Raptors a win in Game 3, could bring some hope for their team to get back in the series?

In the game, the 1st quarter was a quick start for the Cavs taking an early lead 10 – 4 that leads to an early timeout for the Raptors. Cavs able to up their lead into a double digit with 12 points But the Raptors made their own 8 – 2 run that cuts the lead into just 3 points while LeBron James is resting on the bench. Cavs able to hang on to their lead to finish the quarter 24 – 19 up by 5 points. It was the first time that Cavs win the early quarter since the series begun.

In the 2nd quarter, The Raptors able to get back in the game after cutting the Cavs lead into single point 34 – 33 with 6:32 to go, but LeBron James starts to heat up scoring 9 points in the quarter, helping his team to a 16 – 2 run to end the quarter up by 15 points 55 – 40. James finishes the 1st half to lead all scorers with 15 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assist, Kevin Love already in double double with 12 points and 11 assist while the Raptors has no players in double digit points.

Earlier in the 3rd quarter, LeBron James made an easy dunk that has pushed to their biggest lead of the game with 17 points since then the Raptors made a 12 – 0 run to cut the lead into 5 points. However the Cavs able to back their lead to double digit to finish the 3rd quarter 79 – 65 Cavs up by 14 points.

In the 4th quarter, Kyle Lowry is keeping the Raptors back in the game, leading his team without his buddy DeMar DeRozan who is struggling in tonight’s game. Raptors able to tie the game 103 – all with 8.0 seconds remaining in regulation, but LeBron James hits the game winner to win Game 3, 105 – 103 to take 3 – 0 lead in the series against the Raptors.

LeBron James with another big game finishes the game with 38 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assist while Kyle Lowry lead the Raptors with 27 points, 7 assist and 3 rebounds.

Meanwhile, the other Eastern conference semifinal series match the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers has just finished Game 3 earlier at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Celtics stun the 76ers in overtime win 101 – 98 to take a commanding 3 – 0 lead in the series.