What will be the Effects of the Temporary Closure of Boracay Island?

Philippines – On April 26, 2018, one of the best and top tourist destination in the country for hotels and beaches “Boracay” will be temporary closed for all local and international tourists for a period of 6 months, only proven residence of the island are allowed to enter the beaches while the islands undergoes for a rehabilitation. 

According to reports, the temporary closure of Boracay, is to prevent further damage to the island due to pollutions, no proper sanitations and the demolition of some buildings or structure that exceeded the designated building permit.

There will be some advantages and disadvantages of Boracay’s temporary closure that might affect the business trend and tourism.

Here are the Advantages:

Restore the beauty of the Islands
Improvement or permanent proper sanitation
Prevention of pollution in the future
Government assistance
And others…

Temporary Disadvantages:

Temporary No income for both business owner and workers
No tourism is allowed for 6 months
And others...

Either way the effects of the temporary closure are all win solution for business owners and workers of Boracay and the Government itself because the rehabilitation will give some time for the beach to restores or heal her beauty that will benefit for a longer time?

Boracay gains its popularity due to the beautiful white sands and beaches that was once considered the best islands and top travel destination in the world. 

Though the temporary closure will give major problem to the hotel owners and other business structures in Boracay along with their workers, The Government has already assured that they will give assistance to the affected workers through calamity fund.