Raptors Ends Rockets 17 – Game Winning Streak

NBA – The top seeded team in the East Toronto Raptors host the top seeded team in the West the Houston Rockets at Air Canada Center in Toronto, Ontario. 

Both teams lead their respective conference with the best record the Raptors with 47 wins and 17 losses, while the Rockets with 51 wins and 13 losses. 

Prior to the game both teams are playing great basketball where the home team (Raptors) are in 6 – game winning streak and the visiting team (Rockets) are in 17 – game winning streak. Tonight one of this team will end their winning records while the other will continue their winning streak.

In the game, The Rockets made the 1st basket of the game to take the 1st lead, but Kyle Lowry made a 3’s in the next possession to take the lead 3 – 2, since then the Raptors are mostly in control of the quarters, taking an early double digit lead and eventually outscoring the visiting Rockets 32 - 16 in the first quarter, the Raptors up by 16 points.

In the 2nd quarter the home team manages to up their lead to 19 points twice in the quarter one with 8 minutes to go the Raptors was up 19 point 44 – 25 and the second one is with under a minute to go 57 – 38 despite some mini rally by the Rockets. The 1st half ends 58 – 43, Raptors up by 15 points.

In the 3rd quarter the Rockets manage to cut the Raptors lead into single digit as early in the 3rd but the Raptors regain their composure as they take another big lead with under 5 minutes to go in the quarter up by 17 points. As the quarter near its end the Rockets made a big run to cut the lead and just down by 5 points 78 – 73 with 1:28 to go. Rockets won the quarter 30 – 25, just down by 8 points 75 – 83.

In the 4th quarter, the Rockets have kept coming into the game slowly cutting the Raptors lead for most of the quarter until James Harden finally made a 3's that tied the game for the first time with 102 - 102 all under 2:10 to go in regulation.

The Raptors regain the lead and up by 4 points when Eric Gordon made a 3’s to cut the lead down to a single point 105 – 106 Raptors by 1 points with 7.2 seconds to go. James Harden has the chance to tie the game, but missed the game tying 3’s to end the game 108 – 105, Raptors win.

Kyle Lowry leads the Raptors with 30 points extending the Raptors winning streak to 7 games while James Harden scored the game high 40 points snapping their winning streak into just 17 wins. 

The Rockets still hold the best winning streak this season with 17 – game winning streak just one game ahead of the Celtics 16 – game winning streak.