How to Pay SSS Contributions Using Payment Reference Number or PRN

Philippines – The Social Security System (SSS) has implemented a new way of paying SSS Contributions online using the Electronic Collection System or e-CS. 

e-CS is the new mandatory requirements applied for individual members such as Self Employed, Voluntary members and OFW’s, this law was already started just last January 16, 2018. 

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Members under the new mandatory requirements should be logged-in first to their respective SSS Account in order to print the Statement of Account (SOA) under the Payment Reference Number Tab. 

Members should print the SOA before going to any accredited SSS payment channel to update their contributions.

According to the SSS, the advantages of this new rule are that all transactions will be in real-time recording and posting of SSS contribution payments and it will also allow members to claim faster processing of their claims and their beneficiaries. 

Here’s How to print your SSS Statement of Account (SOA) 

1. Go to SSS website and Log into your members account if not yet a member registered first. 

2. After logging in, click the tab Payment Reference Number or PRN. 

3. Edit the Statement of Account to indicate on what type of member, month and the amount you want to pay. 

4. A pop up message will appear confirming all the details that where input of the member. 

5. If all information is correct, it’s time to print the Statement of Account or SOA and then proceed to any SSS accredited payment channels. 

Note: don’t forget to bring the printed Statement of Account when paying your SSS Contributions.