Chris Bosh Eyeing an NBA Comeback

NBA - The 11 - Time NBA All-Star and 2 - Time NBA Champion Chris Bosh is making a buzz in the NBA after announcing that his NBA Career as a basketball player is not done yet and he is open to return this season if there is any team interested of giving him the right deal? 

The 33 year old Bosh guested in an American sports talk show “First Take” was asked by host Stephen A. Smith on what is the status of Chris Bosh as an NBA player right now? Bosh answered “I’ve been in the gym, I can still play basketball, No I’m not done yet and I am trying to come back” and also joked that some NBA players nowadays who shoot 3’s is not playing defense and he wants some of it.

The notion of Bosh that he can still play with the elite players in the league brings many speculations about his health? He has been out for almost 2 seasons and was later waived by the Miami Heath on July 4, 2017 ending a 7 year stint with the Heat. Bosh health issue is life threatening, but has the every right to play again if he has proven healthy?

But what if Bosh is really cleared of playing basketball again? Where he possibly fits in? According to him the top 3 team that he might likely to join are the Houston Rockets, defending champion Golden State Warriors and the team that drafted him and played for 7 season’s the Toronto Raptors and gives also the possibility of joining the Cleveland Cavaliers which will reunite him with LeBron James where they won 2 NBA Titles together with Dwyane Wade in Miami.

What do you think guys of Chris Bosh announcement of coming back? Is he really healthy? Will there be any team takes the risk of acquiring him despite the history of his health conditions? Let’s wait and see this coming days, months or even next seasons?