Kobe Bryant’s Jersey's 8 & 24 Finally Retired by the LA Lakers

NBA – On Monday night December 18, 2017 (US TIME), retired NBA player and future Hall of Fame Kobe Bryant was once again in the basketball limelight after his former team and the only team played in the NBA the Los Angeles Lakers conducted a special ceremony honoring his great contribution in the Lakers franchise. 

The Lakers retired his two jersey’s his first jersey #’s 8 and the second jersey #’s 24 at the Staple Center in the presence of his family, friends, former teammates and fans.

Kobe will be remembered as one of the greatest player that played the game, a leader, a killer instinct or clutch player when the game is down the line he is there to bale his team and the only player compared to the Greatest Player of All Time Michael Jordan not only with the similarity of the game but the will to win in every game. Although he retired early due to injury problems his accomplishment inside the court will be hard to duplicate or even surpass by some new NBA players?

Kobe Bryant was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draft but quickly traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on the same day, Bryant was the first NBA player who came out of the high school and played straight in the National Basketball. In his early years with the Lakers Bryant and the young and very talented Shaquille O’Neal formed a tandem that captured 3 NBA Championship with the Lakers but Bryant was only a supporting cast on O’Neal’s big shadow.

After the departure of O’Neal, Bryant becomes the franchise player of the LA Lakers his career blossom as he won his first MVP of the regular season in 2008 and adding two more NBA Titles and two Finals MVP in 2009 and 2010 to seal his legacy as one of the greatest players ever played in show time Lakers.

Throughout his career, Kobe played for only one team (Lakers) for twenty NBA Season his achievement was remarkable 5 NBA Titles, 2 Finals MVP, 1 Regular Season MVP, 18 – All-star appearance and four of that occasion he has won 4 – All-star MVP and many more……

As of today, Kobe Bryant is considered by many sports analysts as Top 10 players of the NBA greatest players played the game but some will put him easily in Top 5? Either way he is one of the greatest players even seen playing the game of basketball and I am one of those lucky enough to see from the young Kobe who wear Jersey # 8 through older Kobe wearing jersey # 24!