Dwyane Wade Not Welcome at First in Cavs Rooster?

NBA – On the eve of Cleveland Cavaliers successful 10 – game winning streak, Cavs main man LeBron James admitted that some of his teammates was not openly welcomed his best friend Dwyane Wade in their current rooster, especially those old timer players.

Reports said that some of the players are not happy of Wade acquisition due to some players contract might be affected or in danger of being cut or trade and one of those player was Richard Jefferson who is one of the Cavaliers fans favorite players and a popular locker room figure that was traded to the Atlanta Hawks.

But LeBron James stands on his decision for what he believes that Wade can still play and can bring a championship mentality in their team? Although during their first 12 games this season and the early struggle of their teams shows that his teammates are correct of not wanting Wade to their roster, but thing changes when Wade ask to be a bench player and the team slowly improving their defense and gelling with one another.

The team is now fast moving up to the East Standings and currently enjoying a season best of 11 – game winning streak with 16 wins and 7 losses. It seems that the LeBron James reunion with his buddy Dwyane Wade was the right decision? After all, the two players earn 2 – NBA Titles during their term with the Miami Heat.

Wade joins the Cleveland Cavaliers during the NBA Off-season after Wade and his former team Chicago Bulls agreed to buy out his contract. Wade has agreed a one year veteran’s minimum with the Cavs and openly admitted that he wants to join a championship caliber team like Cleveland.

For now Dwyane Wade was reported to be a top contender for the NBA 6th man of the year? This is his first nomination throughout his NBA career after 14 years of being a starter, will Wade continue his dominance and leadership to the 2nd unit of the Cavaliers? Let’s wait and see this coming games of the Cleveland Cavaliers.