Michael Jordan and LeBron James Comparison in their 1,072 Career Games Played

NBA – 6 time NBA Champion Michael Jordan dubbed as the Greatest Player of All Time has played an NBA career in 1,072 total games in just 15th NBA Season, he retired at the age of 40 as part of the Washington Wizards.

But his glory days will be remembered as part of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990’s where they built a dynasty, winning 6 NBA Championships in 6 NBA Finals appearances.

Although Michael Jordan could have played more games throughout his NBA Career but his retirement in 1993 – 1994 and 1999 – 2001 NBA Season has prevented him from achieving more in his NBA career? He could won more title? More MVP’s and perhaps a much  higher position or even hold the top spot of All-time scoring list?

Meanwhile, LeBron James, who entered the league at age 18 has already tied Michael Jordan in career games with 1,072 games at age 32 in 15th NBA Season. James will surely pass Jordan in terms of games played and while still in his prime James could possibly add another Championship in his finger, MVP’s or other achievements before he retired?

Both players are always in debate, conversation about who’s the NBA Greatest Player of All-time? Some are voting for Jordan and there’s also for LeBron, Although Jordan has the advantage when it comes to championship comparison, but James is considered as the more talented player because of his ability to play the all-around position and makes his teammates much better.

While James is still playing the comparison between this two will never stop till James retired and that's the time that fans will decide on who is the real GOAT between the two?

Look at the comparison between Michael Jordan and LeBron James in 1,072 games played in the NBA:

Michael Jordan

Wins: 706
Loss: 366
Career points: 32, 292 (4th All-time)
Rebounds: 6,672
Assist: 5,633
Steal: 2,514

LeBron James

Wins: 716
Loss: 356
Career points: 29,105 (7th All-time)
Rebounds: 7,788
Assist: 7,561
Steal: 1,765

At this point Michael Jordan has already won 6 NBA Titles and 5 MVP’s while LeBron James has 3 NBA Titles and 4 MVP’s the only advantage of James is that he is still playing and will have the chance to further his achievements? Now, who do you think will end as the Greatest Player of All-time?