Know How on Why Appendicitis Happen?

Philippines - Here in the country there are many speculations or sayings by elder people on how and why people get appendicitis? Some of the old sayings.

If someone made an immediate action after eating meals it will cause appendicitis like playing basketball and other active activities another speculation is that if someone eats fruits that has seeds they are more likely prone of having appendicitis ? 

But according to research all the above speculations are falls ,appendicitis did not came from immediate action after eating nor eatingfruits with seeds, the main cause of appendicitis was due to fecalith, fecalith is a hard stony mass of feces in the intestinal tract that obstruct the appendix . It swell, inflamed and filled the appendix with pus or debris in the intestine which leads to appendicitis.

Fecalith happen when some debris inside the large intestine coming from the stomach was accidentally pass through the appendix and when the appendix becomes accumulated with debris it will becomes hard like a stone which lead to appendicitis.

Now how to know when you are having appendicitis? Here are some of the list that you might know:

1. Suffering pain in the middle of the stomach
2. Suffering pain in the lower right side of the abdomen
3. Worsening pain when coughing or walking
4. The patient might also shows signs of no interest of eating, dizziness, vomiting, fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea

Also appendicitis is more traceable or easily to diagnose to men compared to women, because woman has more organ to examined first before ruling out that she is suffering from appendicitis. As of today’s medicine the only solution from people suffering from appendicitis is appendectomy it is an operation that will remove appendix inside the body.

What will happen if appendicitis erupt inside the body?

Appendix should be remove as soon as possible if appendicitis has already been diagnosed to a certain person by means of operation, failure to do so might lead to some serious complications like infections and sepsis which can kill the patient if proper medication was not applied.

How to avoid appendicitis?

Appendicitis can be avoided if a person has a good proper diet, like eating foods reach in fiber.