How to Pay BPI Credit Card at VIAExpress

Philippines – Here in our country, there are many BPI credit card users that use’s different method of paying their monthly bills, among the list is the most reliable and trustworthy the BPI banks, but the consequences of paying at the bank is the long and slow services due to many users that are having different transactions and if you are one of those people who have no patience of waiting this method is not for you?

Nowadays, the Bank of the Philippines has allowed their credit card user to pay their bills at the accredited merchants of Electronic Commerce Payments Inc. (ECPay). ECPAY is an electronic payment service provider that supports different payment center that we see in the malls, pawnshop, business center, rural banks and other. To see the list of ECPAY accredited merchants just click this link.

Among those lists is the VIAExpress, this payment center falls under business center, which allowed by ECPAY to operate such electronic loading, bill payments, airline ticket payments, cash-in service, online shopping transaction payments and including payments for BPI credit cards.

Here’s how to pay your BPI Credit Card at VIAExpress:

1. Search for the nearest branch of VIAExpress at your area. (note: VIAExpress is only available in selected areas)

2. Don’t forget to bring you BPI Credit Card bills

3. At the payment center present your bills to the teller and inform him/her that you are making payment for BPI credit cards.

4. Pay your bills after a successful transactions

5. And that’s it.

Now just wait for 2 -3 banking days before the payments successfully transferred or seen in your BPI Express account. Hope this help for people looking for another option of making payments on their credit cards.