How to Claim MC’s OR/CR and Key upon Full Payment at Motor Finance?

Philippines – Finally, after 3 years of grueling monthly amortization of my motorcycle Honda TMX Alpha 125 it is now fully paid and at the same time I already got the original documents such as the Original Receipt (OR), Certificate of Registration (CR) and a duplicate or copy of my MC’s key from the motor finance responsible for the loan of my motorcycle and it only took 1 week for the whole process to complete after the last payment posted in their system.

The Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation (SMFC) is my financing partner of my choice which responsible for my MC loan and I would say that the transaction from them at the beginning of my application while applying for a motorcycle and through the claiming of my OR/CR after the full payment is really smooth, Just always update your account by paying on time, check your balance in their website regularly and always email or text their customer service if there is a problem or question about your account.

Sumisho Motor Finance might be different from the other motor finances out there? maybe some are much better? Or the other way around? This is just my own experience with them while some might have the different opinion over their experience with the same motor finance?

Here’s how to claim the original OR/CR and duplicate key for all Sumisho financing partners:

1. Send an email to to inform them that you have already paid your last monthly due.

2. Ask them to when and where you can claim your original documents? Usually the nearest branch of Sumisho will be the advisable place to claim your MC’s documents.

3. Don’t hesitate to send an email again to ask them if the processing of documents is already done?

4. You will receive an email from Sumisho advising you to go to the nearest Sumisho branch near you, bring any valid ID, for a representative, bring a letter of authorization & copy of valid ID w/ 3 signatures of Client.

Claiming the document will take for more than an hour or less, the client will receive the original OR/CR and a duplicate key plus a thank you letter and certificate of full payment which also included a note indicating that the account is already closed. I hope this article can help some of the Sumisho financing partner to claim their motorcycle documents easily and hassle free.