Cavs are Now Starting to Climb Up in the East Standings

NBA – The Cleveland Cavaliers manage to get a win against the visiting LA Clippers at home, but it took another extra 5 minutes before they can put away the visiting team in a 118 – 113 win in overtime.

The home team trailed for almost the entire game down by as much a double digit lead in every quarter before they manage to find a solution in the final quarter to extend the game into overtime where the home team finally gets their first lead of the game outscoring the visiting team and eventually gets the win.

LeBron James, who leads the leagues in playing minutes played another big minutes against the Clippers with a grand total of 46 minutes to lead all scorers with 39 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assist to extend the Cavaliers winning streak into 4 straight wins and now starting to climb up in the East Standing after struggling early this season.

The defending Eastern Conference Champion is now showing some sign of championship caliber after winning their last four games, three of them are away and one at home, is this the start of something good for the Cavs? Are the players starting to gel with each other? Let’s see, in the upcoming games if they can continue their winning streak?

Although the Cavaliers wins their 4 straight game in a row the clear problem with this team is that they start the game slow, trailing for almost the entire game before showing some life in the final quarter and poor defense.

They must start the game strong not playing catch for the entire game because it will consume more energy for their team to come back and put a win? Lucky for them LeBron James and Mr. 4th quarter, Kyle Korver always lift the Cavs in close games.

For now the win is a good sign for the Cleveland Cavaliers as many basketball experts are beginning to count them out in the Eastern Conference as a legit contender while believing that the Boston Celtics is the team to beat in the East?