What to do when Lightning Strike Near You?

Lighting or the electric force of nature is one of Earths stunning and amazing creation which you will see in the sky flashing their volts of lights every time there is a thunderstorm but it is also considered as one of deadliest creations of Earth’s natural phenomena that causes destruction on structure or even death to animals and humans when a lightning strikes on the ground or water.

Lightning strikes every 0.2 seconds where an approximate of 40 – 50 times of lightning stroke happen all over the world, it is produced by a natural discharge by a large amount of static electricity or also known as strike.

On the ground, lightning tense to strike to taller objects or structures like buildings and trees, so what to do when lightning strikes at your area?

1. Open field - when your outside and lightning happens in an open field and you have nothing to hide the best way to avoid of being hit by a lightning strike is to put yourself as low as possible just drop and down till the thunderstorm passes away.

2. Inside the car - when lightning happens while you driving and nothing to hide be still inside your car and avoid touching the metal parts of your car to avoid electrocution if lightning strikes your car.

3. At the beach - when a thunderstorm suddenly happen at the beach immediately evacuate the beach area and seek for shelter to hide like buildings and houses and wait until the thunderstorm passes away. Don’t hesitate to leave the beach because if a lightning strike on the sea of water you might be electrocuted that could possibly kill you or could cause damage to your vital organs.

This is some of the list that could possibly help us to avoid the power of lightning, just remember when a lightning strike immediately looks for shelter like building or houses, avoid standing in the open field and never hide in trees and when you hear the last thunder wait for 30 minutes to pass before leaving your shelter.