LeBron James Might Miss NBA Season Opener against Boston?

NBA – Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James aggravated his recently injured left ankle that he suffered during the training camp and now after playing his very first preseason game against the young Chicago Bulls last Tuesday (US TIME) at Quickens Loan Arena in Cleveland, James is now experiencing a sore left ankle and was ruled out to play for the Cavaliers preseason finale against the Orlando Magic.

James debuted his first game against the Bulls since the injury happens, he leads the Cavs in scoring with a game high of 17 points, but obviously out of rhythm or shape after causing too many turnovers for the entire game and later caused their team's 4th straight loss of the preseason despite the presence of James on the court.

The reports of James of missing the final game of the preseason also included the possibility of missing the NBA Season Opening game on October 17, this would be the very first time that James will miss the season opener throughout his NBA Career.

The possibility of facing his former sidekick Kyrie Irving and his rival team Boston Celtics is now in questions about James current conditions? It would be a very exciting and interesting game if James could play facing his former sidekick in a clash that probably the preview of the Eastern Conference Finals matchup?

But in the long run the Cavs management will not put their franchise player LeBron James in a bad situation that could lead to serious injury? After all, it’s just a regular season and their target is comes playoff times where James is much needed and through the NBA Finals to face the Warriors for the 4th straight year?

So don’t get surprised if LeBron James will not play the Season opener against Boston and perhaps miss several games before playing again to fully heal his injury.