Know the List of New Labor Law Implemented by U.A.E. for OFW’s?

Philippines – Good news for all Overseas Filipino Worker’s or OFW who are currently working in the country of United Arab Emirates also known as U.A.E and even job seekers who wants to try their luck in the said country. 

The U.A.E. has recently approved the new labor law that guarantees and favors OFW’s good condition while working in their country.

Through the years, some OFW’s has been reported of some minor or even major abused from their employer, but due to lack of law that protects OFW some cases are being settled or even dismiss?

But now the new labor law of U.A.E will now prohibit employer from doing wrong things from domestic workers, especially Filipino workers and if finds guilty the employer will be penalized with proper sanctions.

Here are the list of the United Arab Emirates new Labor Law for OFW:

1. 1 whole day off or rest day every Sunday.
2. 12 hours of rest every day including 8 hours of sleeping.
3. Medical insurance from the employer.
4. Decent accommodation and food and clothing if needed.
5. Paying wages correctly or salary on time based on the contract.
6. Prohibition of employers to confiscate personal identification such as passports.
7. Prohibition of employers of imposing placement fee.
8. Round trip ticket every 2 years.
9. 30 days medical leave every year.

These are the list of jobs covered by the new labor law of U.A.E.:

1. Housemaid
2. Watchmen
3. Security guards
4. Chauffeurs
5. Domestic laborers
6. Housekeepers
7. Private coaches
8. Private teachers
9. Privates nurses
10. Babysitters

Meanwhile, many OFW's that are currently in the country of U.A.E give their sentiments about the new law, some of them said that the law is long existed already but the employer does not abide the law? But still they are hoping that someday that the new labor law will be implemented accordingly and righteously.