Find Out the Right Way to Take Care of our Kidneys

Philippines – Here in our country an estimated eight thousand people die of kidney diseases and about twelve thousand people who had this kind of disease, Kidney disease was ranked 9th for the most killer disease in the country and it is also called a silent killer due to some cases that there is no sign and symptoms detected before the patient realized that he or she had a kidney problems.

Kidney disease is a disease that mostly ignored by many Filipino people and sometimes they only consult doctor’s when the disease is already in the late stages or when they already experiencing severe pain caused by the kidney problems.

People who had severe or chronic kidney disease needs a kidney transplant or dialysis, kidney transplant is the best way to survive, but it will need a healthy kidney donor and lots of money to have this expensive kidney transplant.

Another way is kidney dialysis this is also a very expensive maintenance that sometimes lead to death due to lack of money to support the medical expenses needed for medication especially for the people at the middle and lower class family in the country.

To avoid this kind kidney problems or diseases here are some list of how to take care of our kidneys:
1. Check Blood Pressure
2. Check Blood Sugar
3. Proper Diet
4. Exercise 30 minutes per 4 to 5 times a day in a week
5. No Smoking or Avoid Smoking
6. Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water Everyday
7. No Counter Drug With Out Prescription
8. Regular Check Up

This is some of the list that could help to take care of our kidneys or to avoid having kidney problems in the near future? be healthy and enjoy life with a healthy lifestyle.