Dwyane Wade Decided to Back Down His Starting Role with the Cavaliers

NBA – 3 time Miami Heat NBA Champion and 2006 NBA Finals MVP Dwyane Wade has come to a decision that will put himself in a new role as part of the Cavaliers bench player after struggling in his first 3 games as part of the Cavs starting five.

Reports said that Wade approached his Cavs coach Tyron Lue and requested to remove him from the starting five to switch places with then starting shooting guard JR Smith. 

Smith was part of the original starting five of the Cavaliers along with Tristan Thompson before Wade join the team this off-season. Smith becomes frustrated after learning that he will be replaced by D-Wade as the new starting shooting guard.

Wade has been a starter throughout his NBA career, especially when he still part of the Miami Heat for 13th season and Chicago Bulls for 1 season. But his role with the Cavaliers ends the era of being a starter and begins the new role of a bench player.

Wade is still a good player up to this day he can still manage to score double figure maybe he need more time adjusting his role with his new team? Although he is entering his 15th season and obviously age and past injury slowly declining his performance, but still a reliable player when it comes to experience and intelligence in the game of basketball.

Maybe later this 2017 – 2018 NBA Season Wade will regain his starting role with the Cavaliers until the coaching management finds the right fit for the team that could send their starting five a potential Championship contender?

Meanwhile, another part of the Cavs starting five is also missing its service Derrick Rose is still out for the next two games after suffering sprained ankle.