Cavs New Anticipated Lineup for the 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season

NBA – The 2016 NBA Champion and 3 straight year Eastern Conference Champion Cleveland Cavaliers has made some major changes in their lineup after the departure of point guard All-star Kyrie Irving.

Since then the Cavaliers added some new players that were acquired from the trade and old players with lots of basketball experience and because of that the team will parade new starting five at the 2017 – 2018 NBA Regular Season Starts on Oct 17, 2017.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and rival Boston Celtics will open the very first game of the new NBA Season at Quickens Loans Arena in Downtown Cleveland. Kyrie Irving faces his former team and teammates and the much anticipated face off with LeBron James since the trade happens as opposed.

Here are the list of Cavs anticipated new Starting Five:

Point Guard        – Derrick Rose
Shooting Guard  – Dwyane Wade
Center                 – Kevin Love
Small Forward   – Jae Crowder
Power Forward  – LeBron James

Three new faces will start the Cavs starting five, while 2 old timer will remain on the list, meanwhile Tristan Thompson and J.R Smith will come off the bench, while Isaiah Thomas will remain out due to injury, but expected to return comes January of 2018 and expected to be the starting point guard but for now Derrick Rose will replace his position till his injury healed.

The Cavs starting five are very talented you have Derrick Rose, a former MVP, Dwayne Wade, 3-time NBA Champion and 1 Finals MVP, Jae Crowder a defensive specialist, Kevin Love an NBA Champion, known for his long passing ability, a rebounder and scorer as well and last but not the list LeBron James a 4-time MVP and 3-time NBA Champion and Finals MVP. This could be a potential super team that counters part the super team and defending champion Golden State Warriors.

While the 2nd unit is also awesome you have Jose Calderon, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kyle Korver and Channing Frye. While the 3rd unit are the remaining bench players Iman Shumpert, Richard Jefferson, Kay Felder, Jeff Green, Kendrick Perkins and the rest of the cast that will complete the 15 man rotation of the team.

What do you think of this new Cavaliers starting five and roosters? Are they a championship contender?