Which Law that Pres. Duterte Signs Favored the Lower Class People in the Country?

Philippines – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has sign and approved some new law that will benefit the nations, especially the people who is living below standards or lower class people in the country. 

The new law did not come easy as it was thoroughly studied and was attacked by and politically challenged by some politicians, especially the oppositions but they did not stop the president from implementing the new law that favors the most people in the country.

The President has already passed his 1st year of his term and already done many things that changes the country. The massive fighting in drug problems and now approving laws that will benefit the most people and there’s more as the president is planning to build and built more under his term.

Here is the list of new law that recently sign by the President:

1. Free tuition at State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) – this new law will surely favor mostly poor students as they can now study, free with no tuitions fee concerns which has been the problem for many years that many students stop entering Colleges due to the lack of money or their family cannot afford it.

2. No hospital down payment in emergency cases – this new law will surely benefit both lower class and upper class family, both classes will not need any money to deposit first in case of emergency before their patient is properly assisted at the hospital. A hospital that failed to comply with the law will be penalized by the government.

3. Passport validity extended to 10 years – this law is good news for all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and Filipino tourist loves visiting other country as their renewal of their passport prolonged up to 10 years and now can be avoided the hassle of renewing their passport every 5 years.

4. Free WiFi in public places – this law will benefit more on commuters, especially for people who travel every day as they go to work, they can entertain their self while aboard of a bus while surfing the free internet in places that are wifi are available?

These are some of the law that President Duterte approved for the benefits of the Filipino people and let’s hope that there will be many laws to come that will surely give’s benefit of the entire country.