What is Charles Barkley Statement on Kyrie Irving’s Decision of Demand Trade from the Cavs?

Former NBA player and Hall of Fame Charles Barkley is in the hot seat of the basketball world after giving his statement on Kyrie Irving’s complicated situations where the later privately approach the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and ask to be traded with his own selected team to go to? But the meeting was leaked and allegedly it was LeBron James and his company who leaked it to the media and became the biggest news of the 2017 NBA Off-season.

Then NBA TV commentator and analyst Charles Barkley asked by his co-workers in a live interview over a phone patch on what his point on Kyrie Irving’s demand trade and his relationship with LeBron James? Barkley directly said that Kyrie’s decision of leaving a championship contender Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange of to be the man of his own team and doesn’t want to team up with the greatest player of today’s NBA generation was stupid!

According to Sir Charles, in the NBA every player’s goal is to be part of a good team and play with other great players to ease the road of reaching the most important goal of an NBA Player “The NBA Finals” or an “NBA Championship” And that is where Kyrie Irving is now? Even though there are rumors that LeBron James is leaving Cleveland on the 2018 Free Agency why wait that to happen and become the man of the Cavaliers if James truly leave the Cavs? And perhaps have another title run for the 4th straight year against the Warriors?

Kevin Durant is a good example of Charles Barley’s point, Durant joined an already great team Golden State Warriors, to reach the easy path of reaching the NBA Finals and to beat the man he looked upon “The King” LeBron James but it was Durant and for whatever the reason of Kyrie Irving’s? It’s his decision after all he already won an NBA Champion and maybe his goal now is to become an NBA MVP?