Late Renewal Fee and Tips on Registration of Owner Type Jeep

Philippines – Vehicle registration is one of the most important things for all vehicle owners aside from having a valid driver’s license to be able to drive or operate a particular vehicle on any major roads of the country. All motorized vehicles which start from a motorcycle, tricycle, private cars, elf, bus, truck and other vehicles are all required to be properly registered at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or else a certain penalty awaits them for violating the law. 

I have recently renewed the registration of my owner type jeep (OTJ) at the LTO, Calamba, Laguna, I was impressed with their new procedure starting from the emission test, insurance, stencil, inspection and throughout the whole process inside the LTO, it only takes me less than an hour to get my new registration of my private car it was fast, easy and not crowded.

Their system has also now been upgraded instead of waiting for your name to be called in a very loud speaker now all you have to do is look at the monitor placed in the waiting area and just wait for your number to appear in the monitor before going to the designated windows and by the way don’t bring any child or chaperon because they are not allowed to stay in the waiting area.

Here is the Cost of my late OTJ Renewal Fee:

1. Change Venue:               P100.00
2. Cost of stickers:              P 50.00
3. Legal Research Fund:     P 10.00
4. MVUC:                           P2,000.00
5. Penalty:                           P1,000.00
6. Top Load:                        P100.00
7. Computer Fee:                P169.06

P3,429.06 – is the grand total cost including the penalty and change venue.

Now, the normal registration fee for updated registration for OTJ will be P2, 329.06. So to avoid losing a lot of money always renew your registration vehicle 1 month before the expiration date and by the way emission test and insurance cost is P450.00 and P1, 250.00 respectively, so additional P1, 700 with your registration fee of P2, 329.06 will be P4, 029.06 this will be your normal cost when registering your OTJ at LTO.

Tips before going at any LTO Branches:

1. Bring a Xerox copy of your car OR/CR.
2. Check your car if all lights are working such as signal lights, headlights and break lights.
3. Check your horn.
4. Check your mirror if it’s not broken
5. Check your car’s door.
6. Check your seat belt
7. And finally bring an extra money.

This is just a simple tip based on my experience in the renewal of my own owner type jeep registration at LTO-Calamba.