Is Michael Jordan Taking a Shot on LeBron James?

Six time NBA Champion and retired NBA Player Michael Jordan has been recently active in Basketball news after comparing some NBA Players past and present with the likes of retired NBA player Kobe Bryant and active players Kawhi Leonard of the San Antonio Spurs and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In a certain video that already circulated in the internet Michael Jordan asked by a youngster at his 2017 Flight School basketball camp on who’s better between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James? Jordan said that he had Kobe over LeBron in all-time comparison that there is something about five that beats three which means that Kobe had 5 Championships that beat LeBron’s 3 Championships.

The comparison of Jordan between Kobe and LeBron quickly gets the attention of the media and some of them agree and disagree. Many sports analysts say if Jordan basis is on Championship ring only? Then Bill Russell, who got 11 Championships should be the Greatest of All-time “The GOAT” and not Michael Jordan who has only 6 Championships.

Another Michael Jordan shot at LeBron James is that Jordan picks Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs as the Best Two-Way player in the NBA today, and again, not picking up LeBron where many thinks that James should be the Best Two-way player of today’s NBA generation.

Is there something between Michael Jordan and LeBron James that Jordan should not praise LeBron because of the “GOAT” legacy?

Michael Jordan is the NBA’s Greatest Player of All-time from past to present, according to many NBA sports analysts, media and basketball fans who witness his greatness during his illustrious NBA career. But this guy from Cleveland is slowly closing the gap LeBron James has been in seven straight Finals at age 32 with a total 0f eight NBA Finals and he’s not done and yet he’s already treating the GOAT every year and what if James makes another NBA Finals appearance and perhaps add another title in his ring?

Until LeBron James stops playing he would always be a treat on Michael Jordan’s legacy and it should be because LeBron in every season he played he is surpassing every record in the NBA each year. Until then time will tell on who’s the better NBA player between Jordan and James debate? And who knows, maybe in the near future we might witness a new player that will exceed the greatness of Jordan and James?