Floyd Mayweather Knock’s Out Conor McGregor in Round 10!

Boxing – Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr, remain unbeaten in professional boxing after beating mixed martial arts superstar of Ireland Conor McGregor in round 10 to claim the special belt “Money Belt” and improve his boxing record to 50 wins – 0 loss. 

Mayweather, who came out of retirement has become a winningest boxer in boxing history with no loss after surpassing the legendary boxer Rocky Marciano with 49 wins – 0 loss of professional boxing record. 

The T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas was jam pack with fans as they witnessed a historical event dubbed as “The Money Fight” where a professional boxer fight an MMA fighter in a square ring of 12 rounds of boxing rule in the history of boxing.

At first, the Irish fighter and current MMA Champion Conor McGregor dominated the first 3 rounds of the fight, hitting some clean left punch and doing a lot of jobs, but the succeeding rounds went to Floyd Mayweather where he dominated round 8, 9 and eventually the Kos in the 10th round.

The trouble begins for McGregor, when he started to look tired and exhausted in round 8, which gives Mayweather the opportunity to attack McGregor’s weakness and eventually dominated the succeeding round till the KO’s in 10th round.

The referee, stop the fight in round 10 after seeing McGregor of no sign of fighting back in Mayweather left and right attack punches in the head. The ref, must protect McGregor to stop further injury in the head, which not pleased McGregor as he see the other way that the ref stop the fight too early as he was not given any chance to fall down first in the canvass before stopping the fight. But at the end he accepted his defeat in the hands of the much better boxer.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather was asked if he will fight again during the post-fight interview if someone tries to challenge him again? The champion replied that this will be his last dance and verbally announce his retirement for the third time.

The win of Floyd Mayweather, gives a very good enhancement in his boxing resume after only giving 4 KO’s for the last 12 years and what a way to end his career by defeating the most popular MMA fighter today in a way of knockout.