Everything You Need to Know about Vehicle’s Deed of Sale

Philippines – “Deed of Sale” is a legal document given by a notary public when a seller and a buyer agreed to legalize their agreement of purchasing or selling of a certain vehicle. The notary public will serve as the third party for both parties in which all details will be recorded and authenticated inside the offices of the notary public.

So, if the buyer wants to legalize his /her purchase of a certain vehicle he/she must invite the seller along with him/her to come to the nearest notary public in their area to make both personal appearances in-front of a notary officer, failure to do so will not be entertained by a notary officer. So be sure that both parties are present when acquiring the deed of sale.

Bring all the necessary documents, for the buyer brings any valid id’s and for the seller bring all legal documents such as the OR/CR of the vehicle and Xerox copies of his/her valid id’s with three sign signatures and present to notary officers to properly check the documents. If all details are correct, it’s time for the notary officers to input all the right details in the deed of sales.

In the documents the sellers and buyer's name, age, marital status, address, the amount of purchase, type of vehicles, chassis number, engine number and plate number are all indicated while at the left bottom of the document a dry seal is marked by a notary officer besides the document number and page number indicated and finally at the right bottom of the document it will be seen a signature sign by the attorney.

The total cost of notary public fee’s for a private car is P450.00 while a motorcycle is P300.00.

When all things are done, the buyer must now have the original documents of OR/CR of the vehicle, two original copies of deed of sale and a Xerox copy of valid IDs of the seller with three sign signature while the seller will have one original copy of the deed of sale.

This is just based on my experience and might be different with others who also acquired deed of sales.