Why is it Kyrie Irving Demanded a Trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers?

NBA – NBA Champion and 4-time NBA All-star Kyrie Irving is in the hot seat today after several rumors in the National Basketball Association (NBA) that the superstar point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers requested a trade from the Cavaliers.

Irving has been part of the last three NBA Finals appearance of the Cleveland Cavaliers and in fact he is the one who made the clutch 3-points shots or “The Shot” in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors and that also gives the first ever NBA Championship of the franchise ending a 52 years of drought of any major sports championship.

Photo credit to nba.com

But why Kyrie wants out of Cleveland despite LeBron James is still on the roster for the upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season and their team are still highly favored of returning back to the Finals? There are several rumors that Irving was disappointed after his name was included in a trade against former Indiana Pacers Paul George and former Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler? Despite the trade didn’t make it, the failed trade leaves Kyrie Irving unhappy?

Another rumor is that Irving wants to be the guy or the main man on a team that he will be the first options unlike in Cleveland he is only second to LeBron James that obviously runs the team and finally Irving also doesn’t want to be left behind in the 2018 Free Agency if LeBron James decided to leave Cleveland for the second time? Irving already announces if James leaves, he also wants out of Cleveland?

Kyrie Irving demanded trade is just rumors and speculations for now, but the rumors shakes the faith of the Cavaliers chance of returning back in the Finals despite LeBron James the best player on the planet is still there, he will need a sidekick like Kyrie Irving to be able to compete against the super team Golden State Warriors.

Will the Cleveland Cavaliers granted Kyrie Irving’s demanded trade? Or keep him till 2019 and waits in 2018 NBA Free Agency where LeBron James biggest free agency in on the line? Let’s wait and see this coming day!