Stephen Curry Surpass LeBron James for the Richest Contract in NBA History

NBA – The Golden State Warriors superstar and 2 time NBA Champion and also a 2 time NBA MVP Stephen Curry is perhaps the luckiest player today in the NBA. Curry, who just recently won his 2nd NBA Title with the Warriors and now sets an agreement with the Warriors management making him the richest contract in the NBA history after agreeing a super max contract of 5 year deal worth of $ 201 million.

On July 1, 2017, as soon as the free agency hits the market the Warriors management did not waste any time re-signing Stephen Curry in a maximum contract which the later agreed upon. Curry, who led the Warriors in 3 consecutive finals appearances is considered one of the most underpaid players in the league only receiving an estimated $16 million a year despite his sudden rise and fame in the league.

Stephen Curry is more likely will be the highest paid NBA Player this upcoming 2017 – 2018 NBA Season? Unless Kevin Durant ask the same or more salary from the Warriors management? But defining the new contract of Stephen Curry marks the new basis or standard for a player who has the caliber of super max contract.

Last year highest paid NBA player LeBron James with more than $30 million salary congratulate Stephen Curry on his post in his twitter account, James is also a max player who will also hit the free agency next year and more likely expected to set a new record for the richest salary in NBA History whether he resign with the Cavaliers or going somewhere else like the rumors of going to LA Lakers?

Meanwhile, Paul George was reportedly traded to Oklahoma City Thunder with few hours before the free agency starts, he will join the reigning MVP Russell Westbrook to help the team in a much better position in the Western Conference.