James Jones on Rumors of Retiring?

NBA – 36 years old and 3 time NBA Champion James Jones is on the verge of retiring after several reports circulated in the web that LeBron James favorite player of all time will be playing his final season (2017 – 2018 NBA Season) and probably retired as NBA player?

Jones is on his 15th season a milestone that he admitted that he never thought could happen, as a kid he only dream that one day he could enter the NBA and perhaps play for 4 years but his expectation exceeded and now he will be playing his 15th season with the Cavaliers and for the last time play together with his long teammates LeBron James.

Jones, was drafted in 2003 by the Indiana Pacers the same year where his teammates LeBron James was drafted as the #1 pick overall, since then Jones has become a journey man in the NBA throughout his career he has played in 5 teams, Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers, Miami Heat and now with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In those 5 teams that he played the Miami Heat is the most years he stayed with 6 years.

Jones is just a role player, he has never been a superstar player or all-star player and despite his limited minutes in playing on his later years in the game, he contribute in other ways, his presence in the locker with his team his voice, guidance and advice gives strength and motivation to his teammates and to the team.

LeBron James once said in an interview in ESPN that James Jones aka “Champ” is his favorite player of all time and as long that LeBron is playing he’s going to be around, he’s not allowed to stop playing and LeBron will make sure that he will get a roster spot for the “Champ”.

LeBron James and James Jones has been teammates since 2010 when LeBron join the Miami Heat both players won their first two NBA Titles in Heat uniform and after the 2014 Free Agency LeBron reunites with his former team Cleveland Cavaliers bringing James Jones to the team and they won their 3rd NBA Title and made 7 consecutive NBA Finals as a duo in this modern era.

Report also say that whatever happen this upcoming season whether the Cavaliers wins a NBA Title or not Jones is gone for good? Will James Jones finally end his NBA Career as player after this 2017 – 2018 NBA Season or will LeBron James proved his words that as long he is playing the Champ is not allowed to retire? Let’s wait and see.