James Jones Named as Sun’s VP of Basketball Operation

NBA – This NBA Off Season several NBA Players and NBA teams made their move of improving their teams and as player some of them made a supermax contract, others luckily gets a veterans minimum contract while others choose to end their career to pursue another path in their life and one of them is the 3 time NBA Champion and the only player on today's generartion aside from LeBron James to reached an amazing seven consecutive NBA Finals appearance he is none other than the so called “Champ” James Jones.

James Jones was reportedly planning on retiring at the end 2017 – 2018 NBA Season but the rumors happens immediately when the news broke down on July 19, 2017 when the Phoenix Suns organization named James Jones as the new Vice President of the Suns basketball operations.

The news ended the 14th year NBA Career of James Jones, ending his seventh consecutive NBA Finals appearance, ending his longtime teammates with LeBron James that dated back on their years in Miami Heat and also ended the promise of LeBron James that as long he is playing, James Jones is not allowed to retire? But maybe LeBron was allowed to break his promise as it may look like that Jones has chosen a much better career or path rather than his role in Cleveland Cavaliers.

James Jones has been a role player throughout his illustrious NBA career he has never been an all-star player but always plays an important role in the locker room, NBA players and former teammates who known him praises him of good character as a teammate, a class act, a mentor, one of the greatest professional basketball player and even LeBron James who considered him as his best teammates of all time.

Sadly, that James Jones career is come to an end as NBA Player but gladly to see that he's on a new path as VP of basketball operation of Phoenix Sun, congrats to the “Champ” on his new chosen career!