How to Solve Failed Transactions at Paymaya with the Help of ECPAY

Philippines – On July 26, 2017, I personally experience the problem of Paymaya Apps unscheduled service maintenance that leads to many failed transactions throughout the country on that day and not just Paymaya it also includes the services of Smart load, Smart Money, Smart Padala and even the services of my internet service provider PLDT also encountered problems when it comes to internet speed and their landline.

The problem starts for me when I cash-in two Paymaya account’s via Cliqq Kiosk at 7-11 on Wednesday morning around 7:30 am on July 26. One account is amounting to P2000.00 while the other one is P1, 000.00, both Paymaya accounts was transferred successfully as seen in the monitor of 7-11 cashier. Upon receiving the receipt I went home and act normal as everything was fine.

At home, I started to browse a particular website to buy an online product, but when it’s time to pay with my Paymaya account it was declined, so I checked my Paymaya Apps and learn that their system is currently on service maintenance, I also noticed that there are no notifications that was sent through my mobile via text message which is the normal process when paying at 7-11

At that time I’m a little bit worried then i decided to search Paymaya FB Page, in their page there is an Advisory saying of unscheduled service maintenance that causes several failed transactions to all Paymaya users, many users are complaining including me but all we have to do is wait until their system is back?

On July 27, 2017, as of 8:00am, Paymaya posted another advisory on their page saying that their system is now up and okay and apologizing for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us yesterday. Upon seeing the advisory I quickly checked my account, but sadly the amount that I cash-in from yesterday is still not there, although there are some users commenting on their page that their money is now seen in their account. But many are still missing their cash-in at 7-11.

I did send a message to Paymaya Cares but sadly as one of many users who complaint of their services there are no answers back from them? Maybe they are too much busy assisting another customers or complainant? So I decided to return to 7-11 where I cash-in my money to inform them that the money I cash-in from yesterday did not push through?

The 7-11 supervisor asked me if I still have the receipt of the transactions, I said yes and I give it to him to verify it in their computer. In a few minutes that passed the supervisor return to me and said that they will text me within an hour as they await the confirmation from ECPAY on what steps should be needed?

I wait for the whole day, but no text is coming from the supervisor so I decided to search ECPAY of Friday morning on July 28, 2017, and successfully find their FB Page. I send a message of my concern and I was impressed that they quickly responded to my message, asking me and even called me on what is my Paymaya mobile numbers to check the transactions so that they can inform 7-11 to repeat the process.

They instructed me to return back to 7-11 where I cash-in the money to repeat the process as instructed by ECPAY, The 7-11 branch agreed to me to repeat the process and with a couple of seconds a confirmation text was received from Paymaya that my transactions was successfully transmitted and things are back to normal.

I think ECPAY served as the 3rd party that connects 7-11 Cliqq Kiosk and Paymaya, so if you encountered the same problem don't hesitate to contact ECPAY in their website or FB Page.

Again this is based on my own experience just don’t lose your receipt until you are sure that your transaction was successful? And by the way the ECPAY Customer Service even called me to inform that both my Payamaya accounts transaction went successfull on that day! Very awesome job ECPAY!