Watch: A Taxi Driver who Return a Lost Cellphone Seems Made the Wrong Move

Philippines – A local Taxi driver in the country has found a Singaporean brand of cellphone called iPhone SE inside his passenger car and he believes that it was accidentally left or lost by one of his passengers.

But his good intention of returning back the cellphone to the rightful owner turns to be the wrong move that he has made? The taxi driver and the Nurse (owner of the lost cellphone) meet face to face on a radio and television shows called “Solian ng Bayan” by Raffy Tulfo, but things got wrong when the cellphone owner shows ungrateful attitude towards the returnee. 

The Nurse who seems not happy at the situation, why the Taxi driver did not immediately return the cellphone to him after he lost it on Friday and ask why wait till Tuesday to return the cellphone? The Taxi driver explains that he found the phone Saturday and tried to return it to “Solian ng Bayan” A popular TV and radio shows were lost and found item or money is being brought to return to the rightful owner, but on that day it was closed and by Monday the Taxi drivers car is color code so he cannot travel and Tuesday is the only right time to return it? But the Nurse does not buy the explanation.

Then Raffy Tulfo the main host of the shows immediately shows some action of stopping the Nurse from showing unthankful attitude that lead to Raffy Tulfo’s angry emotion towards the Nurse. Tulfo defends the Taxi driver and say’s for the first on this show that the owner of the lost item was not happy the way the returnee return his phone. Tulfo told the Nurse that the driver is just being nice about returning his phone, it’s not his fault of not knowing how to use that kind of phone and in the first place the phone will not be lost if you (the Nurse) is not careless.

Eventually Tulfo acknowledges the Taxi driver good intention of returning the cellphone by giving him some money by the end of the show and denying the Nurse acknowledgement of giving money to the diver after showing bad attitude.

The video has now gone viral on the internet where many netizens are angry about the behavior showed by the cellphone owner while some pity on the Taxi drivers good intention gone wrong.