Chicago Bulls on Pace of Upsetting the #1 Seed Boston Celtics

NBA – The #8 seed in the East Chicago Bulls, who merely make it to the 2017 NBA Playoffs is currently looking good in their current position after beating the #1 seed of the Eastern Conference Boston Celtics in Game 1 and a dominant win in Game 2 in their own best of seven series of First Round of the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

The Bulls and Celtics are tied in their regular season matchup with 2 wins and 2 loss, but the Celtics are the heavy favorite to win the series against the Bulls because they ended the regular season as the top seeded team in the East over the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

In Game 1, Boston Celtics host the Chicago Bulls in TD Garden Arena. Isiah Thomas, who is facing a family problem after his younger sibling died in a car accident, Thomas played the game, but the Celtics failed to defend their home court advantage after the Bulls stunned the Celtics crowd after winning Game 1, 106 – 102 Bulls.

In Game 2, the Celtics are trying to bounce back in the series, but the Bulls are the most resilient team showing a complete domination in the 2nd half of Game hanging on a double digit lead that lead to 111 -97 wins for the Bulls. 3 Time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade and former Boston Celtics Champion Rajon Rondo together with Jimmy Butler shows some playoff experience that separates them from some inexperienced players of the Celtics player.

Game 3, is scheduled in Chicago at United Center will the Bulls continue their dominance against the Celtics or will the Celtics return backs to their original form as being Best team in the East? If the Bulls win in Game 3 we might be seeing the greatest upset in NBA History a #1 seed falls down to #8 seed team?