Is it Good or Bad? Resting NBA Players During Out of Town Game!

NBA – Resting an NBA Superstar is not new to the league it happen many times before and it happens in all NBA teams, but why resting an NBA Superstar if he is fine or physically fit unless he is sick or injured? Well, it seems that wrestling, NBA superstars becomes normal nowadays in the big basketball league, especially when the coaching staff and management feels that their players will have to take a night off?

For some reasons this practice is being done by most of the NBA coaching staff in order to preserve the strength of their player or players, especially in a back to back game resting in one game and playing the next game or vice versa or maybe if the coaching staff feels that the game is unwinnable? They choose to rest their NBA superstar and play in another game where unable is much better? That might be a good strategy, especially if you are a top team with deeper bench.

But for the fans, this practice is so disappointing, not seeing an NBA superstar playing when you already paid for the ticket just to see the guy that you want to see? And when you learn 10 minutes before the game started that the guy is not playing? The only thing that you can do is just “Sigh of disappointment”.

hy NBA players or coaching staff choose to rest their player when they are playing out of town games? Why rest their player if the scheduled game is at their home court? Home court fans always see them while visiting team can be only seen by their fans 3 or 4 times if both teams are in the same conference and the opposite conference meet only twice in an NBA Regular Season.

For me, NBA superstars like LeBron James should not rest in an out of town game, he is the guy that fans want to see, they paid for the tickets just to see him resting should be done at their home court. If this practice continues not only on LeBron James but other NBA superstars? It might not be good for the league?