NASA – Seven Earth Like Planets Discovered, Three of them Possible to Support Life?

Scientist and Astronomer had recently discovered seven new planets that greatly resemble our own planet. The seven planets are about the size of the Earth and three of those planets are likely habitable zone or can support life?

According to reports and based on the study of Journal Nature, the seven new Earths like Planets are all orbiting or circulating in one dim Star, their star is just a fraction of Earth’s Suns mass and also producing less heat compared to the Earth’s Sun. 

The Solar System of the new found seven Earth like Planets is estimated 39 to 40 light years away from the Earth’s own Solar System

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and teams of scientist used space and ground telescopes to study the seven Earths like Planets and discovered that three of those seven planets shows temperatures on their surface that might lead a possibility that there is water and it can support life?

Through the years there are many Planets that have been discovered in the neighboring Solar System and some of them are potentially habitable? Further studies are much needed by the scientist and astronomers to support their theory of which of the seven Earth like planets can support life? Before they can say that they found the second Earth? Or maybe discovering another alien life in those planets and finally end the never ending discussion of are we alone in the universe?

Meanwhile, Astronomer Michael Gillon of University of Liege in Belgium said that this is the first time that they discover exoplanets that are similar in size and revolves around in a single star.