List of NBA Players that are Receiving Salary of more than $30 Million in a Single Season

In the NBA there are lots of NBA Player that is receiving millions of money in their payroll and if the player is a superstar on a certain team, this player might be receiving the maximum contract of his life which means millions of money.

But did you know that there are only three players in NBA History that has the highest paid or salary of more than $ 30 million in a single NBA Season? If your guess is Michael Jordan? Then, you are right! Who else could be in the NBA that could surpass the greatest player of all time? Michael Jordan currently holds the record for the highest paid as NBA Player with $ 33 Million.

In the 1997 - 98 NBA Season, the last year that Michael Jordan played as the Chicago Bulls, He became the first player ever to earn $33,000,000, the highest paid player in History that until now no NBA player has broken his record that stands for almost two decades.

The second highest paid is the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. James is the third NBA player to reach the milestone after signing a three year contract with the Cavaliers before the 2016 -17 season start, it was his very first time to be named as the highest paid player through his career and expected to earn $ 31 million in the 2017 –18 season and an estimated to earn more than $33 million in 2018-19, which will make him the highest-paid player in league history.

The third highest paid is the retired future Hall of Famers Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. Bryant has become just the second player to reach this milestone during 2012 - 13 season with $30,453,805, he retained his salary the next season. In the 2014 - 15 Bryant falls down to $23,500,000 salary per season, but remains the highest paid player through the 2015 - 16 season on his final years as NBA Player.