Restoring Death Penalty Approved By the House Committee

Philippines – Lawmakers at the House of the Representative push to restore the highest penalty to a crime committed by a person such as heinous crimes will be sentence by death.

Chairman of the House justice committee's Rep. Reynaldo Umali approved the bill to reinstate “Death Penalty” in the country and is set to raise in the plenary of the House to debate and pass on second and third reading.

The decision of the committee was based on voting where 12 congressmen voted to reinstate the death penalty in the country, 6 are against on reinstating the bill and one who abstain or did not vote.

In the Sub-committee report # 2, the report says not the only the people involved in illegal drugs will be promoted to the death penalty, but the will of heinous crimes which 12 voted in favor and 5 against.

For now though the House Justice Committee already pass the bill it will take time to have more discussion or debate to take place before eventually to restore the highest punishment for a criminal who has committed of a heinous crimes.

However, if the bill was successfully passed into a law, all heinous crime will be sentence to death by means of hanging, lethal injection or even firing squad.

Through history, Death Penalty has been on and off law in the country, the last time it was implemented was at the time of then Pres. Fidel V. Ramos and was carried out at the time of then Pres. Joseph E, Estrada

But the following President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is against of the capital punishment and was later suspended on 15 April 2006.

Meanwhile, the last man who was sentence to death penalty by means of lethal injection was Leo Echegaray on February 5, 1999. Echegaray was accused of the April 1994 rape of his 10-year-old stepdaughter.