How to Clean a Dying Laptop Cooling Fan as Good as new?

Just when you thought that your laptop cooling fan services is finally done, think again, there are many ways on how to revive the performance of your laptop cooling fan as good as new by this simple tip that I learned.

In my own experience, when I heard some strange noises coming out my laptop cooling fan, as it something scratching noise? At first I ignore it, but when I noticed that my laptop is not performing the same way as it used to be, it started to hang, overheating and automatically shutting down then I decided to consult a computer technician.

The computer technician that I consulted said that my laptop abnormal performance is caused by the laptop fan abnormal function? He said that it should be replaced by a new laptop fan, but it will take a week before it can replace because the parts will be ordered first. I ask him how much it will cost? He charges me a fortune that I decided not to fall on his over pricing fee.

At home, I decided to research on the internet on how to fix a laptop fan. I followed some tutorials and watch some YouTube tutorials on how to clean the fan. Then I come with this solution, it might be a risk for people who don’t know about computer, but for me, no matter what happen, if I fixed it good for me? If not, sorry after all the laptop is mine, and no one is to blame on me.

Here’s How To Do It:

1. The hardest part is to disassemble all the laptop parts, removing the hard disk, memory, LCD or              LED, keyboard and CD Rom.
2. Unscrew everything so that you can remove the top cover of the laptop.
3. When the top cover was removed, locate the fan, sometime you need to unscrew the motherboard in       order to unscrew the fan.
4. After removing the fan, clean it using WD-40 and remove the propellers until the motor is seen.             Lubricate some motor oil in the middle of the motor where the propeller is attached.
5. Then attached the fan on the motherboard and test it if it run smoothly.
6. Do not put all together the parts of the laptop for testing the fan, just put the parts where the power is     located to be able to turn on the fan.
7. If the fan is now running normal, that’s the time to put all together the necessary parts.
8. Remember do not forget about how you disassemble your laptop, if your memory is not that sharp,       try to record it. In order to put the right screw and parts.

This is my simple tips on how to repair my noisy laptop fan, hope it helps to those laptop owners who also encountered the same thing? Try to clean at first sometimes it’s just a simple, clean to solve everything.