UFC 205: Conor McGregor First UFC Fighter in History to Hold Two Title Belt Simultaneously

A jam pack Madison Square Garden witness a UFC History after the challenger Conor McGregor knockout the defending UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in round 2 of the main event of UFC 205. McGregor, became the first UFC fighter in history to hold two UFC title belt in different weight categories.

Conor McGregor, the fighting pride of Dublin, Ireland is the crowd favorite of UFC 205 main event of the evening. McGregor who is currently the UFC Featherweight Champion entered the octagon with superior confident as a challenger against the defending and Undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez of USA.

On Round 1 of the fight McGregor dominated the much older Alvarez, giving the challenger a sharp and accurate devastating left punch that brought down the champion 3 times in the canvas but successfully survive the first round assault of challenger McGregor.

On Round 2, McGregor shows some arrogance during the early seconds of round 2, he put his both hands at the back of his butt while taunting the champion luckily it did not caused him on that action. In desperation Alvarez try to wrestle McGregor but the challenger successfully defended himself. Later on four straight accurate left and right punch landed on the face of the champion Alvarez that put him down in the canvass and eventually caused him the fight when referee John McCartney stop the fight after seeing him in bad condition of the fight.

In a TKO win a new undisputed UFC Lightweight Champion was crown, Conor McGregor the first UFC fighter to hold two title belt simultaneously with different weight categories. What a history has made and to the man that perhaps the most famous UFC fighter of all time.