Former Pres. Marcos, Finally Laid His Rest at Heroes Cemetery (LNMB)

Philippines – On Friday, November 18, 2016 a surprise burial of the late former President of the Philippines, Ferdinand E. Marcos was taken at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

After four decades of waiting and five former presidents that keep declining the burial of the late president at LBNMB, finally the long wait is over as the family and supporters of the late president finally granted his last will of been buried at the Heroes Cemetery.

The burial of the former Pres. Marcos was unexpected, it surprised the Philippine nation even both pro and anti-Marcos.

The controversial burial of the late president has always been in debate for so many years, according to law which President Duterte insist that Marcos has the right to be buried at LNMB because he is a former president and at the same time a soldier who fought the Japanese during World War ll.

On November 8, 2016, the highest court of the country, the Supreme Court finally made up their decision that favors the late Marcos of allowing him to be buried at LNMB.

The decision of the court receives different opinions, especially on the side of Anti-Marcos, they criticize decision as it reverses the Philippine History during the age of Martial Law where many human rights was violated.

Even if the sudden burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at Heroes Cemetery (LNMB) yesterday, one legislator will file a motion to exhume the corpse of the former dictator because the decision of the Supreme Court is not final and executory.

While according SC spokesman Theodore Te, although there is a 15-day period following the issuance of the SC decision for a motion for reconsideration to be filed, this does not prevent the Marcos family from pursuing the burial at heroes' cemetery.

The burial of former Pres. Marcos, show different reactions from social media some favors “saying it’s time to move on”, while people who against it says even in his burial Marcos was a thief?

What can you say about the surprised burial of the former President Marcos?