Road Rage Biker Killer “Vhon Tanto” Explained Why he Shot Mark Vincent Geralde

After almost two days of widespread pursuit and search for the suspect of road rage killer of bike enthusiast Mark Vincent Geralde that was killed on July 25 Monday night in Quiapo, Manila, the suspect was finally caught in Masbate Friday noon of July 29.

Primary suspect and Army reservist Vhon Tanto, was finally arrested in Brgy. Mangat, Milagros, Masbate by the Philippine Army Intelligence Group at around 11: 40 am. The suspect was with his pregnant wife at the time he was arrested.

According to the source of the Philippine National Police, the suspect Tanto was to be on the verge of going Cotabato after he has been arrested by the authorities at around 11: 45 noon.

Meanwhile, suspect Vhon Tanto, who is now in the custody of Manila Police District, explained what really happened and why he shot the victim.

“I do not like ' what I done” but I'm just really angry,after the fight I returned to the car and he approached me to shake hands but I ignored him and I say it’s OK! We already released our anger with each other but the victim spoke unkindly and threatened him that he will break his car window after that I went blank, so I took my gun and shot him”

This is the explanation of road rage killer Vhon Tanto, who killed biker Mark Vincent Geralde was now brought to the detention cell of the Manila Police District homicide section, after bringing by the staff of PC Supt. Melvin Ramon Buenafe, PRO- 5 Regional Director, Highway Patrol Group (HPG ).

The wife of the suspect Annezah Tanto appealed on the family of the victim Geralde that hopefully her husband was forgiven for what he has done?

Mother of the victim “Nanay Malou” was very thankful for all the help and action for the arrest of the suspect and in conjunction with her request that it would not also lead to nothing of all the efforts made by the authorities to catch the road rage killer.
source: abante