NBA Trade and Rumors 2016

NBA teams are rebuilding their rooster to become competitive in the upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Trading their players to reduce salary cap of a team while acquiring new players to have a stronger and better line up.

Free agency also takes the opportunity of a player to look for another team that can offer them more money and brighter future as a player.

Some biggest name in NBA are already negotiating with some other team while others already sign and have a done deal while others also awaits their final decision.

Also on this upcoming NBA Season, it also marks the entry of new NBA Player, Rookies will showcase their talents and skill in the biggest basketball on Earth.

Here are some of the player that reported traded and free agent that already sign a deal:


Derick Rose – traded to New York Knicks. Rose is a former MVP and has been the franchise player of the Chicago Bulls, he is always front to injury in his entire career.

Jeff Teague – former Atlanta Hawks traded to Indiana Pacers in a 3 way deal.

George Hill – former Indiana Pacers traded to Utah Jazz in a 3 way deal.

Free Agency

Al Horford – reported to sign a 4 year $113 million deal with Boston Celtics, leaving his former team Atlanta Hawks.

Dwight Howard – reported to sign a 3 year $70.5 million deal with Atlanta Hawks. Howard who has been shifting teams many already has sign with Atlanta Hawks leaving his former team Houston Rockets.

Lou Deng – reported to sign a 4 year $72 million with LA Lakers, leaving his former team Miami Heat.

Matthew Dellavedova – reported to sign $38 million 4 year deal with Milwaukee Bucks. Dellavedova has been an important piece of newly NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers but reduce his playing game during the recent NBA Finals.

Timofey Mozgov – reported to sign $64 million 4 year deal with the Lakers. Mozgov has been part of NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers.

Joe Johnson – after a short stint with Miami Heat, Johnson reported to sign a 2 year $22 million deal with Utah Jazz.

Harrison Barns – reported to sign with Dallas Mavericks in a 4 year max deal leaving his former team GSW.

Chandler Parsons – reported to sign with Memphis Grizzlies in a 4 year max deal worth $98.5 million

Biggest name in Free Agency

LeBron James – after winning the NBA Championship against the Warriors, James already made a decision that he will stay another year with Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kevin Durant – on July 4, the biggest name in free agency finally announce his intention to join Golden State Warriors in a 2 year deal worth $54 million.

Dwane Wade - still negotiating with his current team Miami Heat and also seeking for other team that could give him a max contract. there are also rumors that Wade could also reunite with his buddy LBJ in CAVS?