LeBron James and JR Smith Remains a Free Agent in NBA Free Agency

Three time NBA Champion LeBron James and one time NBA Champion JR Smith are the two remaining top players in NBA Free Agency that hasn’t sign yet in their former team Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James, might be the biggest free agent in this year NBA Free Agency but quickly ended any speculations of leaving Cleveland Cavaliers after they recently won the 2015-2016 NBA Champion.

The only reason that LeBron James stopping from signing any contract with the CAVS, is because LeBron and his family is currently enjoying their vacation outside the country.

Sooner or later James will sign with the CAVS and perhaps another NBA title run in the upcoming NBA Season.

Meanwhile, LeBron’s team-mate JR Smith, remain a free agent as of today, he awaits the decision of his former team Cleveland Cavaliers to agree on his salary demand worth $15 million per year.

Just like last year 2015 Free Agency, Smith gamble the free agency that backfires him, as a result he resign with the Cavaliers less than he earn before he opted out.

And in this year Free Agency Smith admitted that he is very nervous on what might be the outcome of his decision? He wants to remain a Cavaliers but he also wanted to pay much higher than he received last year which is $5 million.

On the other hand several reports that if Smith and Cavaliers failed to agree on Smith salary demand there are numerous team that might give Smith’s demand? But until now there is no definite suitor for JR Smith rather than the Cavaliers.

JR Smith, lead the Cavaliers in franchise history for most 3 point shot made in 2015-2016 NBA Season. He is also one of the most important key player in the recent NBA Finals that eventually lead to NBA Champion.