Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant Shock the Basketball Sports after Both Leaving Their Former Team

The biggest name in free agency Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant, shock the basketball sports after announcing their decision to leave their former team Miami Heat and Oklahoma City respectively.

Dwyane Wade, was drafted by the Heat organization, since then he has been in Miami uniform all of his entire career in 13th years. He has won 3 NBA Championship and 1 finals MVP and 12th time NBA All Star.

He became the franchise player of the Heat when they became NBA Champion in 2006 and he was also responsible for bringing Chris Bosh and LeBron James to form the big three in Miami, together they added to two more NBA Championship in Miami organization.

In 2015-2016 NBA Season, Wade enter the free agency that almost lead a failed negotiation against his mother team Miami Heat. Wade agree 1 year contract of $20 million deal.

Again Wade enter the free agency in 2016, same as last year the Heat did not prioritize their franchise player, Wade felt that he has disrespectful after all the sacrifices he gave for the Heat organization.

Wade, decided to negotiate with other team, until he decide to announce that he will join the Chicago Bulls in the upcoming 2016-2017 NBA Season. Wade and the Bulls agreed on a 2 year, $47.5 deal. Chicago was the hometown of Dwyane Wade where he grow and idolized Michael Jordan.

Wade, he thought by many sports fans and analyst that he will be a Heat for life, wrote a letter to thanks the Heat organization and the fans for all the love and support that he had as a Miami Heat.

Meanwhile, the biggest man in the free agency was Kevin Durant, he decided to leave OKC after playing 9 years as a Thunder. He announce that he will join the Golden State Warriors in a 2 year, $54.3 million deal.

Durant along side the 2 time MVP Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green form a super team in GSW. The addition of Durant makes the Warriors more heavy favored to win in the West and perhaps in NBA Finals?

NBA Hall of famer Charles Barkley and some sports analyst think that the decision of Durant of joining the Warriors is”weak”, he is only buying himself to enter the NBA Finals in easy way?