Chinese Coast Guard Drove Away Filipino Fishermen from Fishing in Scaborough Shoal Despite the Arbitral Tribunal Decision

The Philippines have already won the decision of the International court over the disputed island against China, but China did not recognized the decision and keep their claims over the disputed islands.

On July 12, 2016 the much awaited decision that lasted for more than 3 years finally issued by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The decision is unanimous that clearly favor the Philippines against China.

The Decision says that China’s historic claim over the South China Sea has no legal basis that clearly violated the rights and sovereignty of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEC) of the Philippines.

Filipino Fisherman and fellow countrymen celebrated the international court decision but many of them think that China will not abide the law? After the ruling was release some fishermen dared to sail in Scarborough Shoal and as expected Chinese Coast Guard patrolling in the area of West Philippine Sea drove them away.

According to some fishermen who came in Masinloc, Zambales, said they never get anywhere near the Scarborough Shoal they were immediately blocked by Chinese Coast Guard.

From where they were, they were quickly driven away from Scarborough Shoal, while three other big Chinese Coast Guard seen inside the Scarborough Shoal that already in position.They were scared because instead of water cannons that they previously used to goad them away but now Chinese Coast Guard shows some firearms.

They were unhappy because despite the decision issued in relation to the right to possession of the West Philippine Sea, seems it is useless because they cannot fish on their own territory which gave them the only source of their livelihood

China’s stand on their claim shows that they are not intimidated by any country, they are already said that “If anyone wants to take any provocative action against them, they will make a decisive response.”

The continuous claims of China, is now considered by the whole world as illegal claims, but China did not recognized the ruling of the Arbitral Tribunal decision will it lead to more complicated situation or a war might be happen if the Philippines continue to fight for their sovereign rights
source: abante