A New Bill Promoting to Extend the Validity of PH Passport and Driver’s License

Philippines - Two bills filled by Senator Ralph Recto amending the Republic Act 4136 and National legislation 398 or “Land Transportation and Traffic Code.” And Section 10 of Republic Act 8239, or “Philippine Passport Act of 1996”.

The bill say is to extend the validity of Philippine driver's license up to 5 years while the Philippine passport is to extend to 10 years of consecutive validity.

On Republic Act 4136, all driver’s license will be extended their validity up to 5 consecutive years prior to the date of birth of licensee, it will only void the validity unless licensee holder is suspended or revoked due to multiple violation that he/she committed on the road.

While student driver and new licenses holder are exempted on the new law.

Currently the Land Transportation Office (LTO) imposed the law that all driver’s license holder has only 3 years validity to use their license before another renewal to be taken.

Meanwhile the second bill is Section 10 of Republic Act 8239, or Philippine Passport Act of 1996, it is about the extension of the validity period of the Philippine passport from 5 years to 10 years.

Currently Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) imposed only 5 years validity for all Philippine passport holder.

If these new bill filled by Senator Recto, became a law? It will benefit many Filipino and some foreign nationalities who live in the country. It will reduced the time and hassle of customary renewal for both driver’s license and passport holder.
source: abante