What are the Requirements Needed to Start a Small or Big Business?

In General, all businessman or businesswoman planning to start a business whether it is small or big business, should complete the necessary requirements needed by the local government before you can start your own business.

There are several requirements that the local government will ask you to complete first. The requirements needed may depend on what kind of business you will planning to open?

Small business may have less requirements against bigger business? All depends on what business you will establish?

Here are the common list of requirements that you may need before you can start a Business:

1. Barangay Clearance: this is the most common requirements needed to open a business. sometimes you can already start a business by having this? For small business like sari-sari store, some local government allowed them to operate by having only a barangay clearance. You can get your barangay clearance in your local area at barangay hall.

2. DTI/SEC Registration: here you can registered your own business name, simply fill up a form and put two business name of your preferred name for your business, DTI will check the name of your business if it is available or already taken? Once available you can now proceed on the next step.

3. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR): Here you must apply for Certificate of Registration (COR), fill up some necessary details needed like the nature of business, your TIN # and others. BIR will scheduled you to take seminars to tackle some issue about paying the right taxes and you can also receive your business receipt after the seminar but this may depend on your local BIR branch.

4. SSS Clearance, Philippine Health Insurance Cearance, Home Development Mutual Fund clearance: Nowadays, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig clearance are also needed to complete your business requirements. Simply go to this government agency and look for assistance on how to get this requirements. Always prepare a money in case you will have to pay for this requirements.

5. Health Clearance: Here an inspection officer will be conducting an inspection for proper sanitation in your business location. Certificate will be given after successful inspection.

6. Fire Clearance: Here you must go to your local fire headquarters and ask for fire clearance. Again you will fill up some form and pay a certain amount for the requirements. Fire officer will conduct inspection on your business location to complete the issuance of fire certificate. Sometimes they require a fire extinguisher depending on the nature of your business?

7. Mayor’s Permit: Finally, when all requirements is completed you can now apply for Mayor’s permit in business permit and Licensing Office in your local government area. Present all the requirements that you accomplish and pay an annual fee for your business, this annual fee is depends upon of what kind of business? After that the licensing office will issue you the Business Plate that for your business.

This is my own experience on obtaining my Water station business, some of the requirements may be different on the requirements that others accomplish? It may depend on what business they filed to open?