Watch: Simon Cowell and AGT co-Judges was in Shock after Hearing the Voice of 13 Year Old Opera Singer

Simon Cowell, a popular judge for being brutally frank in different talent shows didn’t thought that this would happen after seeing a 13 year old Laura Bretan on stage of Americas Got Talent Season 11.

Cowell who admitted first that seeing Laura Bretan on stage his impression was “if she starts to sing, this is not gonna work? But everything changed after Laura begun to sing, Cowell’s impressions turns to be wrong as he and co-judges was so surprise and impressed with the little girl voice after hearing her own rendition of an Opera song coming out from a highly gifted singer.

With Bretan’s strong performance all judges approved her to advance straight to the semis and got her golden buzzer of AGT Season 11.

Meanwhile, before she took on the stage, Laura Bretan was actually so nervous to perform. She was afraid to be blasted by Simon Cowell if he doesn’t like your performance? Before she take her turn on stage, two previous contestant was brutally frank by Simon Cowell and one of them was told that “he shouldn’t singing”, that makes 13 year old kid Laura Bretan more nervous to perform.

On stage, despite all the distraction and nervousness that she felt, all went gone after giving her strong performance and seeing Simon Cowell and other judges and audience clapping and amazed with her beautiful performance.

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source: damn, youtube