The Greatest Boxer “Muhammad Ali” Passed Away at 74

The self-proclaimed and perhaps “The Greatest Boxer of all time” Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74.

Ali, who has been battling from a neurological condition called “Parkinson’s disease “ which attack his ability to move and to speak normal for more than three decades has died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, due to respiratory illness, where he spent his last few days of his life.

Ali’s boxing career was one of the greatest time in boxing history, he fought legendary and famous boxer like the undefeated world heavyweight champion George Foreman in “The Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974 where he won by knockout. It has been called as “the greatest sporting event of the 20th century”.

And of course the famous “Thrilla in Manila” which held in the Philippines in 1975. The third and final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.  Ali won by technical knockout, The boxing match was ranked as one of the best in the sport's history.

Ali has won three-time World Heavyweight Champion in 61 total fights with 56 wins, 37 wins by TKO and 5 losses in his entire boxing career.

Even in his condition Ali, was also active in appearing and guesting in some sports and event and sometimes involving is some political events.

The dead of Ali, is a great loss in Sports. But now he surely be with the creator. Rest in Peace to the “Greatest”.
source: youtube, nbcnews